Economic Development

The City of Thomasville, Southwest Alabama’s Success Story, recognizes that success includes innovation and change. Both elements are necessary in a dynamic, growing economy. The benchmark by which local and outside investors judge us is “where we are going, not where we are today”. Touted as a model for rural development, we are going to unexpected places!

Thomasville concentrates not only on the attraction of business and industry, but also retention, expansion and creation. The Development and Planning Office, the city’s newest department, has assisted in retail, commercial, medical, educational, residential and industrial projects.

Relationship building is a primary focus. We are proud to say that all investors, with whom we have interacted, return to our office for a cup of coffee or additional information. They know that we will work to ease their expansion or entry into the Thomasville Market.

Development and Planning also addresses new topics having a direct impact upon businesses. We worked with the creation and passage of a Master Land Use Ordinance, including signage. Our department is the Responsible Vendor Training site for the recently passed Alcohol Sales Ordinance. Over 300 people have been readied for on-premises and off-premises sales.

The face of Thomasville is ever changing—development is ongoing North, South, East and West. We have the highest traffic count between Mobile and Montgomery and a “shovel-ready” second industrial park.

Please take a look at our development documents and other downloadable items. If you do not find what you need, we can get it to you immediately. Thomasville is a business-friendly municipality and we invite you to be part of Southwest Alabama’s Success Story.


Hon. Sheldon A. Day,


City of Thomasville

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